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tv   News Weekly  RT  September 15, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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the more defenseless they are. the. hierarchy. the latest news on the week's top stories now sealed with a handshake moscow and washington agree on a roadmap to eliminate chemical weapons from syria averting for now a u.s. strike on the country. for conflict hearty meats imprisoned for an extremist who had been fighting on the side of the syrian opposition to find out why they joined the civil war. take a look at europe's drift to the right as a populist anti migration party a new way of mass murder and this braving response of member of the set to play a key role in the country's government.
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is artie's weekly news review with me kerry just. syria's chemical weapons must be removed or destroyed by the middle of next year under a deal reached by the us and russia there are six key points in the groundbreaking green mint let's take a look at what they are the exact quantity of syria's chemical weapons will be determined and put under international control but first syria will have to submit a full list of its stockpiles in the week after that these arms coming destroyed under the chemical weapons convention that international specters will get immediate access to weapons storage facilities to begin the destruction process if syria doesn't comply could lead to a chapter seven u.n. security council resolution which allows the use of force as artie's reports this deal doesn't necessarily mean that the threat of a u.s. strike is no longer looming over syria. signed sealed and if delivered it could see
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syria hand over its chemical weapons stockpiles russia and the u.s. agreed on a six point plan after a week of talks i think the main factor is the willingness of russia to take responsibility and russia taking the lead russia making some proposal this is really changing the whole figure of the whole fiona me of the of the situation the plan is seen as a last diplomatic push to prevent a military intervention into syria there can be no games no room for avoidance or anything less than full compliance by the regime in the event of noncompliance we have committed to impose measures under chapter seven within the u.n. security council all sides including rebel groups will be responsible for the safety of international inspectors and will have to provide free access to the sites of
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course this does not mean every time a violation is reported actions will be taken with a massively who first have to verify and review such reports it's not really because there are a lot of fabrications allies surrounding this issue and we have to be very careful of russia is still wary of u.s. threats of course but more than welcomes the u. turn in war rhetoric from the white house obama seemed more than ready during tack at all of the are words that he was forced to back off on a policy that very a week ago he was committed to launch a bombing campaign and i think the russian leadership and the american people have boxed to many but some experts aren't convinced that this step by the ousted regime with u.s. and russian support will be enough he also has some american commentators pointed out leaves the way open to do to a sad what the americans did to the. it all felt all agreed to give up his chemical
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weapons his various of the conventional weapons and then a few years later he was attacked and the rebels immediate rejection of these latest diplomatic efforts makes it clear their pursuit for foreign intervention is not over damascus now has until next weekend to provide the un with a complete list of its stockpiles if i also continues to cooperate will it be enough to push for peace without the cooperation of the rebels and their supporters and he's now a r.t. moscow well this week russia's president stated his case against military intervention in syria to the american people in an open letter published by the new york times but there are putin laid out the reasons saying such a move would not only be ineffective but also dangerous and there's already a response being planned by one of america's high profile politicians well in the front seat here to tell us more about this new orleans he said well that's an entire told
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a plea of caution from russia what exactly did the president putin have to say well with regard to the situation in syria he talked about the the issue of who intervenes and how they intervene one of the biggest parts of it was the need for international law that the united nations should not go the way of the league of nations it's got to be valid then he went on to speak about the poisonous gas possibly used in syria itself and the danger surrounding the way we go in and deal with that let's listen to what he wrote about that no one doubts the poison gas was used in syria but there is every reason to believe it was used not by the syrian army but by opposition forces to provoke intervention by the powerful foreign patrons who would be siding with the fundamentalists reports that militants are preparing another attack this time against israel cannot be ignored.
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another thing he addresses that to garner a strong reaction from many americans was what is so often heard in american political speeches is that of the so called american exceptionalism that since america is often motivated to act based on moralistic reasons it is therefore exceptional greater better or separate and he points out that that is a very slippery slope and a dangerous mentality for any any nation to have what's less than it is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional whatever the motivation different but when we ask for the lord's blessings we must not forget that god created us equal. now obviously this garnered a very hot response from many areas of the american population but also from many american politicians who are very hot under the collar about citing that philosophy
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of american exceptionalism losing as you say the response has already been to this is from a u.s. senator john mccain what these learned on this well there has been some confusion in the press about what his reaction may or may not be as pertains to russian media very interesting actually so we've got senator john mccain stating that the that he would be happy to to write an editorial piece in profit and so the media turned out these reports that senator mccain wants to write something and it wasn't clear which it was because we've got the print publication the newspaper the mouthpiece of the soviet the soviet union's communist party founded in one thousand nine hundred by bloody murder lenin and it was very confusing whether he meant that or he meant ru which is a news website here at times very obvious guard and russians are kind of flabbergasted which one is he talking about now probably newspapers editor said well if he if mccain plans to write something in my newspaper it's got to be with
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the party line of thinking not likely it sounds more like an article in the onion so that was very very odd for a lot of people and then if he decides to write something in the website true that editor said we we would love to post anything john mccain happens to write can you imagine the web traffic right there so mccain's camp has not said definitively in an official statement either way whether or not he would be right if you newspaper or on the web site all the media reports have quoted one of his staff members saying that the staff is caught is contacting the websites editor so we will see if anything happens now as baffled as the russian public may have been at this one person did step. and offer mccain a spot on television that's right a news presenter on the television channel said that he would love to feature mccain on one on his interview show and if you would just fly over and come in for
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one of those those timeslot he would get an interview on television we shall see which one mccain accepts and watch the drama unfold every. thanks very much indeed . the chemical weapons agreements that came about because the west to blame the syrian government for a deadly chemical attack last month. spoke to a belgian writer. he was home hostage by the syrian opposition he heard his captors discuss the attack and insists the government had nothing to do with it they found the following images disturbing. i don't think bashar al assad in the syrian government are to blame for the chemical attack and. during that time my italian friend and i had been taken hostage by jihadists from the oil for root group in syria we were held at one point in a room facing an office of the free syrian army and the elf jihadist group we have
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been in the barracks of the priest syrian army and of the jihadist group as well and we heard a conversation from this office the conversation was between one general from the free syrian army we knew him from earlier as he was the one who was in charge of our detention and another officer from the group. which is. the result of a third person who was speaking perfect english and they were talking to him via skype they were talking about the events of the in the damascus suburb and from the conversation it was clear that the syrian government wasn't behind the attack but it. wasn't clear to you what the motivation was to use chemical weapons to launch a gas attack on civilians in this way what was the motivation do you think was it mentioned. with the motivation was unclear from the conversation but we figured that it would have been absurd for the syrian government to use chemical weapons
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the regime had nothing to gain from that to massacre on the contrary it played into the hands of its enemies the u.s. france and the u.k. it gave them a good reason to use force against the assad government he did the syrian government lost its mind but i don't believe that or the authors of the attack or the opposition and it is clear that the rebels are the ones who wanted to benefit from the situation. let us remind you that the rebels already tried to simulate a gas attack a year ago and alms they made a video showing people on the ground acting as if they had been victims of neurotic gas. well the syrian opposition consists of many extremist factions whose numbers include fighters from a broad river national spoke to two of those foreign rebels to find out how and why they joined opposition forces in the syrian civil war. this may look like an ordinary farewell amongst friends but the man in the long as lama coat is
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a suicide bomber leaving on his final journey. this is his last conversation with his elder brother in a car that is supposed to take him to the roles of the central prison in aleppo syria and then explode sending him to paradise according to his beliefs these clips were found on a laptop taken from one of the man seen in the food age who is now in a syrian prison he calls himself rush on and says he came to syria from the former soviet republic to fight. a group called murat approached me a year ago and convinced me that muslims in syria are being oppressed and killed and that i should go and take up arms against assad for world jihad and help establish a caliphate that will extend worldwide to europe america and everywhere his necke to into syria last january through turkey in istanbul two men who said they were from al qaeda met him and accompanied him to syria where he joined
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a large woman brigade run by an egyptian jihad ists my job was mainly to prepare bombs for cars the rim any people all from different countries our teachers showed us how to make bombs which ingredients to use and how exactly to cook it. one of his recent assignments was a little prison bowman last may the man you saw in the fan well he was driving the car that russian prepared russian brought his entire family to syria including his five year old son on this video the militant shows his boy how to make a bomb they say after a father dies the son should continue the jihad i don't know what al are prepared for me but we have to finish what we started we spoke to rush on at the air force intelligence jail next to military at porting damascus in the cells. to meet all. the prisoners here are mainly charged with either terry smith or spine this newly
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built unit can accommodate up to two hundred people and already it's almost full. in the jails backyard an officer tells us not to get too close as the prisoners could be dangerous there are people here from syria yemen iraq jordan egypt and palestine but many came from europe as well. algerian with a french passport ammar has spent most of his life in france where he married a french woman and leave a normal life that changed after he was recruited by an islamic group with all kind of ties calling for jihad in syria. i volunteered i went to turkey in a refugee camp there i met a salafi group and i trained with them for about two and a half months and then we illegally crossed the border into syria. says as a son of the fundamental muslim he had to get involved with so much sunni
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syrian brothers suffering here i saw an al-jazeera arabic another channels the kids are also suffering or took up arms and i was ready to use them but when i came here i didn't see the enemy. in a separate building they show west weapons including handmade bombs and green maids seized from militants these are the instruments of global jihad that chose syria as a battlefield to bring foreign fighters and violence this prison may be full but beyond the walls really men with many causes remain free to continue their fight. notional t damascus syria. national is one of the few international correspondents reporting from the front lawn of the syrian conflict she's witnessed fighting in the ancient christian village of mali that has become a battlefield for the syrian army and the opposition you can follow her on twitter to keep track of developments. on the.
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norway has elected a new parliament with a center right coalition winning a landslide victory of the ruling labor party the conservatives who now form a new government along with the anti migration progress party over this group once had among its members the mass murder hundreds braving and massacred seventy seven people in terrorist attacks two years ago and norway is just the latest state to join a european wide lean to the right ortiz has more. two years ago norway suffered the worst massacre since world war two a brutal assault unleashed against a summer camp for young people claiming seventy seven lives the perpetrator was extreme rightist anders breivik who claimed to have political motivation for his atrocities at his trial he said he wanted to punish the ruling labor party for its liberal immigration policies and to start a so-called conservative revolution he was
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a member of the progress party in his youth before he lost faith in it and in democracy and adopted the radical and views that underpinned his act of terror the anti immigration progress party saw support crumble in the aftermath of the attack but as norwegians headed to the polls monday for the first parliamentary election since the tragedy the tables appear to have turned and the progress party is poised to enter government for the first time the party has since softened its radical image and tried to distance itself from braving it it's campaigned for tougher immigration and asylum policies and wants to reduce the number of immigrants from outside the e.u. in the face of economic uncertainty and voters in some european countries have rallied behind a far right nationalist ideas a few of the parties that have emerged have grown more popular others much less so or not at all well since the financial crisis several e.u. countries including major european economies have seen a substantial rise of populist radical right electoral support let's take
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a closer look now in one of the biggest economies france after years of electoral decline marine le pen led the country's national front to its best ever results in the election of two thousand and twelve now some have claimed that zena phobia is still one of the country's party's trademarks although she has tried to soften the party's image since the more radical program of the one nine hundred ninety s. well belong to austria the freedom party of austria has focused on anti immigration anti islam and euro skeptic issues is even called for a withdrawal from the euro zone. and moving on to the true finns in finland they may share populist rhetoric with other nordic parties its supporters to are opposed to the e.u. and to globe globalism now the party leader hundreds sieved the highest number of personal votes for any candidate in the party has one thousand percent of the seats in parliament well the movement for a better hungry entered parliament for the first time three years ago now the group
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describes itself as a radically patriotic christian party but it's described in a local pressed as neo fascist and in the far right national alliance brings together a coalition of conservatives ethno nationalists and economic liberals with fourteen seats in the legislature it's the country's fourth largest political party now at the same time some of the countries which do have notable far right parties there is a fairly even split between those that have seen an increase in support and those which haven't and as you can see right here support for right wing movements has gone down now in some ways the growth of right wing parties has been cyclical in europe some tend to gain power during economic downturns and fav during periods of growth but with economic stagnation continuing on the continent it remains to be seen what will happen to these political groups who see r t moscow. to marine le pen the head of france's far right national front told r.t. his party's views. we're shifting to a new system where it's not
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a question of right and left anymore and actually we're not anti immigration we want to do more seriously with massive immigration and we're not entirely we want to do against. radicalization since. the eyes of the people by explaining more and probably the better way what we were actually fighting for our days the polls indicate that we would be leading in the european elections the next european parliament elections before the elections we will have local elections as will we will probably make very good. numbers and figures. coming up later in the program a debate on academic freedom a professor at a leading u.s. universities silence after criticizing the n.s.a.'s method of decrypting data.
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with economic downturns in the find out that in the long view your song i and the rest like to make a living every week. wealthy british style. sometimes life. again. markets find.
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find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines joining two kinds of reports on our team. welcome back to the program now leading american university johns hopkins awarded one of its professes to take down a bloke post criticizing the n.s.a. from the universe to serve as professor matthew greene specializes in the field of cryptography voiced his concerns over the methods the agency uses to defeat encryption the official who ordered the removal of the post made to apologize for the incident of the receiving a bunch of complaints once he spoke to professor green who told us what was behind his message what we learned is that the n.s.a. has a hard time breaking crips and so what they've done is they've actually tried to take the products that that perform and corruption and make them worse make the weaker
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so that it's easier for them to break that encryption the n.s.a. is is willing to make us you're a little bit weaker because remember it's not just you know now on u.s. citizens who are using these products it's americans too and they're willing to you know in a sense put our credibility on the line our tire industry on the line in order to access that communications of whoever it is they want to listen to we have a big debate ahead of us how much spying i mean there is there's a range anywhere from zero percent spying to one hundred percent spying and i think we have to figure out what the right balance is i think what we're learning is that the american public is not comfortable with what we're learning about that. well meanwhile in britain the university students there are having most of the electronic life monitored that's causing not only private bucking a debate about how the collected data could actually be used or smith has the story . remember the film minority report it's the one where tom cruise is the cost in
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the future and uses pass in the day to stop crimes before they happen while the fictional future is now universities or our allies in the electronic trail of students how often they use the library what books they get out even where they park their cars to create a picture of them and how they learn they use the data in different ways the different you need for marketing courses but also to predict which students are likely to fail or dropouts and here's where it fits into nineteen eighty-four territory in the dystopian novel any negative thoughts is thought crime every party member has the telly screen in his or her home which the thought police use to watch them and record anything that resembles an unorthodox opinion or in a struggle now look for a university in the midlands says it's considering doing something frighteningly similar monitoring students private emails but negative comments on their university experience to see if they're at risk of quitting. students at the london
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school of economics are not keen on the idea. that it would be an infringement of my integrity it sounds a bit cia now i think people things that went on i think people are much more kind of them could be more violated i don't think it's right it's a kill if you can say sure you wouldn't do it in denmark where i come from i think people would like that i would mom my emails and money. i mean the private e-mail is should have exclusive right to receive mase ok so again private universities do have a good track record for keeping data private but the worry here is that there's so much states and of course how it could be used ultimately the information could be used to allocate resources for example if it identifies the type of person most likely to fail universities could stop brick. reaching those people all together wastes money on trying to retain them as students start returning for
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a new academic yeah that's a big. brother is watching them now more place. now with. some of the stories lined up there online and raising the rec. being made to draw it. costa concordia was two years old on the ground running for two people and what it will take to give them the stories on our website. and it's not our national security agency don't worry is internet. google the vision of the global network it's china and schmidt playing in his exit speech want to go home to examine his theory become gone from.
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vote for moscow's my own seat has ended with. inaugurated for a second term as city chief sworn into office at the ground certainly attended by president putin whatever position not just annexing of only is refusing to concede defeat. the lawsuit demanding a recount of the vote claiming the election was rigged. came in second with almost a third of about its thousands showed up for a peaceful rally in support of the opposition leader last monday. well sort of around the corner for you ugly echoes from the past we travel to a community near the south african capital for torah the ghost of apartheid still struggles. but also ahead for you in the meantime it's
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a business venture capital. play. live. live live. live . live. cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want to.
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live mission free credit take three months for charges free. range month free. free spirit type free. download free broadcast live video for your media project free media dog r t v dot com. live. live. here watching veggie cap so i'm katie pill baby it's going to a.t.m. is all coming see i speak to the brains behind the machine plus we check in at the science but mode to show and talk about them on the rocky road ahead when you succumbed as well as mr schoen tom i saw in house invest that he gives us a pace that's his goal. but just today.


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